This is one of my favorite parts of being a computer guy. 

Building someone their perfect computer. Built just for them, that will do everything they want their computer to do.  A PC that looks as cool as a personal computer should. 

I have built computers for Gamers, Internet Streamers, Architects, and Lawyers.  Everything from simple systems just for getting on the internet, to Computer Aided Design (CAD), even a few high end IBM servers. 

I have designed, built and setup computer systems for flight simulators that have 3 32 inch screens.

I even built a full setup for a person that streams playing games live; people watch them over the internet as he play games, he has a camera pointed at him, and the people on the internet can see the live game play, the persons face, and can even chat with them in real time.  This did require 2 computers, one gaming system, and the other for combining everything and sending it to the internet for all those people to watch.  Oh yea, they have a big desk and 4 monitors, one of them is a 55” screen.