Salvaging inaccessible data from unreadable or damaged computer or thumb drive is tough work and if not done correctly could destroy the data completely.  Remember the flood in 2008? I sure do.  For the next few months, it seemed like every day someone new would call me about their computer, and how it was destroyed, wounding if I could help.  I was recovering photos and business files that others said were lost forever.  Even for the few that were beyond my abilities, I know just who to call, and they have never failed me.

Were your files and photos backed up to a type of disk that is no longer being used?  Like a floppy drive or maybe a Zip disk.  We keep this equipment around and in good working order just so we can read that old disk.  We will be able to transfer your files to a new type of storage, like a USB drive, so you can see those old photos again, or the old family recipe.